Pavel Vasilyevich Balakhnin

Pavel Vasilyevich Balakhnin

Candidate of Science in Medicine

Senior researcher of the research department Head, Department of Interventional Radiology Diagnosis and Treatment Methods, State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Saint-Petersburg Clinical Scientific and Practical Center for Specialised Types of Medical Care (Oncological)”

  1. Offered the first description of more than 40 new types of arterial blood supply to liver;
  2. Author of a new classification of different types of arterial liver anatomy;
  3. Developed a new set of methods of arterial contrasting to diagnose metastases of hypovascular tumours in liver, with a diameter of less than 5 mm;
  4. The first in Russia to apply the methods of percutaneous implantation of arterial ports for long-term arterial infusion chemotherapy of malignant liver tumours and lesser pelvis tumours

SPIN code: 1431-4012

Author ID: 727661