Articles with keyword cervical cancer

Features of the clinical course of hiv-associated cervical cancer (M.P. Smirnova, A.S. Khadgimba, S.Y. Maksimov, G.S. Samedzade)

HIV-infection, cervical cancer, immunosuppression.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of cervical cancer: literature review (O.A. Pardabekova)

cervical cancer, immunotherapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, pd-1,

Vaccination against hpv is the most effective of the known methods of primary prevention of malignant tumors (D.G. Zaridze, A.F. Mukeria, I.S. Stilidi)

vaccination, human papilloma viruses, cervical cancer, anogenital tumors, oropharyngial cancer.

GYNAECOLOGICAL CANCER IN PATIENTS OF REPRODUCTIVE AGE (S.Ya. Maximov, A.S. Khadzhimba, A.A. Ilin I.V. Sobolev, E.A. Vishinskaya)

ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, reproductive age, morbidity, mortality, treatment

Debulking surgery in oncogynecology (S.Ya. Maximov, I.V. Sobolev, A.S. Hadjimba, A.A. Ilin, E.D. Gershfeld, D.-K. Reyes Santiago)

cytoreductive, debulking surgery, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy

CHEMORADIOTHERAPY OF VIRUS-ASSOCIATED TUMORS (CANCER OF THE HEAD AND NECK, CERVIX CANCER AND ANAL CANCER) (Yu.N. Vinogradova, V.P. Sokurenko, N.Yu. Neklasova, E.A. Maslyukova, A.I. Chumachenko, A.D. Kuznetsov, N.V. Ilyin)

virus-associated tumors, head and neck cancer, cervical cancer, anal cancer, chemoradiotherapy.

Cancer screening and mortality (A.A. Barchuk, A.M. Belyaev, A.V. Filochkina, A.I. Arseniev, Anssi Auvinen)

cancer screening, mortality, study design, randomized trial, bias, breast cancer, mammography, lung cancer, computed tomography, cervical cancer, cytology, human papillomavirus, prostate cancer, prostate-specific antigen