An autonomous non-profit organization for the development of education, healthcare, and science, the "Russian School of Oncologists" has been working for more than 20 years to raise the educational and professional level of practicing oncologists in Russia.

One of the most important specialized technical resources ensuring accessibility and ease of use of professional information is our website which is regularly updated with current information materials.

The audience of the site includes healthcare experts, scientific and practical oncologists, chemotherapy and surgery doctors, medical students and others. Over the past year, 2020, the number of unique users of the site was 12,000.

This number is steadily growing, replenished by the students of the School's conferences, where each event is attended by at least 350 specialists, as well as new readers of the journal "Practical Oncology", which has a high citation rating among medical journals and a growing impact factor.


years of operating
12 000
the number of website users in 2020
specialists attend each event

Responding to the demands of our audience, we see an increasing need to improve the presentation of information that is easy for specialists to understand.

We are now launching a new project of short videos that succinctly and substantively present the most important aspects of the latest research in selected areas of cancer science and practice. The materials will be systematized and broken down into thematic cycles.

The advantages of this format over lectures for specialists are obvious, since they save time in comprehending the material and highlight the most important things for application in practice.

Without abandoning the format of lectures, which are also necessary for in-depth study of oncology issues, the placement of video clips allows the use of modern forms of visualization and content design, professional video filming, editing and video graphics overlay.

Our resource is open to suggestions for improvement and filling with information, as well as to cooperation with drug manufacturers in terms of posting new information about drugs, clinical trial data and other information related to the subject of the resource.