Bogdanov Alexey Alexandrovich

Bogdanov Alexey Alexandrovich


Deputy Director for Science, Saint Petersburg Clinical Research and Practical Centre for Specialized Types of Medical Care (Oncological)

The main scientific results have been obtained in the following areas: molecular biophysics of nucleic acids after interaction with anticancer drugs, metal ions, nanoparticles; artificial self-assembling nanostructures based on nucleic acids and proteins; molecular nanobiotransporters for targeted intracellular delivery of nucleic acids; antitumor metal nanoparticles and metal biocomplexes; photodynamic therapy; cellular immunotherapy of malignant tumors, oncogenetics, biophysics of the cell membrane and energy processes, biophysical aspects of cancer diagnostic and therapy.

Main scientific results 2017-2022: 1) Abnormal expression of Na/K ATPase in tumor tissue samples of patients with breast cancer of different subtypes was revealed using bioinformatics methods. 2) The biological activity of new potential anticancer drugs and innovative methods of treating malignant neoplasms have been studied. 3) The effectiveness of targeted drugs for the treatment of EGFR-associated non-small cell lung cancer was studied. 4) Original self-deliverable small interfering RNAs have been developed to effectively suppress the expression of the PD-1 gene. 5) A minimal biomathematical model has been developed to predict the inhibition of tumor growth under the cytostatics.

Author and co-author of 60 scientific papers indexed in the RSCI database, Scopus or Web of Science. Co-author of 2 intellectual property objects. Hirsch index: RSCI - 9; Scopus - 9; Web of Science - 7. Head and responsible executor of 9 successfully completed research projects within the framework of grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, state contracts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Diploma work supervision for 6 bachelors, 3 masters, 1 graduate student.

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