Shamil Khanafeevich Gantsev

Shamil Khanafeevich Gantsev

Doctor of Science in Medicine, Professor Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Merited scientist of the Russian Federation.

Head, Oncology Department with Courses of Oncology and Pathological Anatomy, Institute of Postgraduate Education Director, Research Institute of Oncology, Bashkir State Medical University Director, Clinic of Oncology, Republican Clinical Oncologic Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Major contributions:

  • Developed and put into practice ultrasonic lymphatic dissection technology for cancer in vivo and ex vivo which increases ablasticity and radicality of surgery
  • the first to establish neolymphogenesis in cancer in vivo, further reproduced in an experiment on grafted tumours. These findings underpinned a project of the SKOLKOVO Innovation Centre and underwent international scientific expert review;
  • improved the theory of cancer lymphogenic metastasising based on the concept of a sentinel lymphatic node and neo-lymphangiogenesis;
  • developed an alternative theory of carcinomatosis in cancer based on experimental and morphological studies;
  • developed formulation of a new anti-tumour drug based on DHMEQ molecule and justified the potentials of intraperitoneal therapy. This international study was carried out as part of the SKOLKOVO project (jointly with Professor Umezawa, Aichi Medical University, Japan).
  • Mr Gantsev teaches oncology students and chairs the Oncology Department at Bashkir State Medical University of the Russian Ministry of Health (1989 – present). He was also Chair of the Dissertation Council in 14.00.14 “Oncology” at Bashkir State Medical University from 1997 to 2012 and member of the 14.00.27 “Surgery” Council from 1995 to 2015;

17 higher doctorate (Doctor of Science) and 127 PhD (Candidate of Science) students defended their theses under his supervision;

Awarded with the Orders of Merit, Labore et Scientia — Labour and Knowledge, medals “Professional of Russia”, “For Merits in Promotion of Medicine and Healthcare”, “For Valour and Humanism”, Diploma of the Russian Palliative Care Foundation for Creation of a Scientific School. Merited scientist of the Russian Federation and Republic of Bashkortostan.