Local treatment options for colorectal cancer patients with lung metastases: a literature review


DOI:  https://www.doi.org/10.31917/2404430

Lung metastases is the second most common type of colorectal cancer (CRC) progression.Recognizing the oligometastatic disease as an individual entity has allowed identification of patients with advanced cancer whomay benefit the most from the use of local treatment options. To date, patients who have undergone surgicalresection of lung metastases and received systemic antineoplastic therapy demonstrate the highest survival rates.However, there are also several minimally invasive methods of local treatment that can be currently used for the treatment of lung CRC metastases: stereotactic radiation therapy, radiofrequency or microwave ablation, cryodestruction. The aim of our review is to provide a comparative assessment of the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of these techniques.