Nicotine in various delivery systems of it and its effect on the heart-rate variability



In this experimental study heart rate variability (HRV) using electrocardiography was studied in a small group of volunteers (10 people) who have never smoked (4), ex-smokers (4) and active smokers (2). Different nicotine delivery systems and smoking simulators, including regular, nicotine-free and electronic cigarettes, tobacco heating systems, chewing gums and a completely new product on the domestic market – nicotine packs of oral fixation (NPOF) were used. Supplemented with hormonal studies (stress hormones in saliva and catecholamines in the blood), HRV analysis showed relatively small changes in HRV with systemic use of packs with moderate nicotine content (up to 6 mg), which makes this type of product a leader in biological safety among the studied alternative delivery systems nicotine.