Pancreatic tumors: diagnostics and treatment (literature review)



Tumors lesion of the pancreas is a rare, but lethal condition. Early diagnostics and
screening are not effective. It often presents at an advanced stage, and radical surgery is an option only for small group of patients. All risk factors could be divided in two groups: genetically-determined and environmental factors. Most patients with pancreatic cancer remain asymptomatic, and clinical manifestations appear when the disease reaches an advanced stage. Computed tomography is the most effective instrument for diagnostics and
staging in patients with pancreatic tumors. In all cases it is used in combination with laboratory and instrumental research
methods. Treatment of these patients should be complex or in combination of different methods. Treatment should be
in all cases based on pathomorphological verification and performed only in specialized oncological centers. Despite the
advances in science and oncology, patients with pancreatic tumors are still have very poor prognosis.