Assessment of the quality of life of breast cancer patients after various types of surgical interventions



Introduction. Given that there are currently no clear indications for a particular method of breast reconstruction,therefore, the choice of the type of reconstructive plastic surgery should be based on the patient’s quality of life and therisk of postoperative complications.

Research aim. Analysis of the quality of life and the risk of postoperative complications in patients with breast cancer, depending on the method of reconstruction.

Materials and methods. The article analyzes the results of questionnaires and scales in 200 breast cancer patients aged 29 to 65 years to assess the quality of life depending on the reconstruction method.

Results. Performing immediate reconstructive plastic surgery, regardless of the type of reconstruction, reduces the level of anxiety in its various manifestations, anxiety disorders, depression, improves the quality of life and increases the level of aesthetic satisfaction of the patient with the results of surgical treatment.

Conclusion. The best method of reconstruction for a particular patient is the one that guarantees the highest aesthetic result with a lower risk of postoperative complications. The choice in favor of a particular method of reconstruction is carried out strictly individually and depends on many factors.