Modern possibilities of cytological diagnosis of pancreatic tumors



Objectives of the study. Efficiency assessment of cytological methods in the diagnosis of pancreatic tumors.

Material and methods. Our study includes results of 152 pancreatic fine needle aspirations of solid and cystic tumors,from 149 patients of the N.N. Petrov Cancer Research Center for the 3-year period (2016–2018).

Results. Representative cell material for morphological studies was obtained in 97,4% of cases. The results of cytological
examination of 111 patients with pancreatic tumors were compared with histological data. Malignant process was correctly
established in 93 out of 97 patients, benign process – in 13 out of 14 cases. The effectiveness of cytological examination
was 96,1%, sensitivity – 95,6%, specificity – 100%.

Conclusion. Pancreatic fine-needle aspiration cytology is safe, rapid, accurate and cost-beneficial modality of
investigation of pancreatic mass lesion.