Inpatient care: the evolution of payment methods and their impact on quality



The article discusses the history of development and the current status of medical care payment methods in various countries. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are discussed, as well as their potential impact on healthcare development. Diagnostic-related groups (DRG) and similar classifications of treatment cases (including Russian clinicalstatistical groups (CSG)) are used in most developed countries to pay for inpatient care, however, the proportion of funds directly received from them in the hospital budget structure is different, and the number modifications is great, which does not allow one to directly extrapolate other’s experience. Most studies show the possibility of optimizing the cost of providing medical care and stimulating the improvement of the quality and efficiency of hospitals after switching to DRG. A prospective assessment and quality control is needed with the widespread introduction of DRG, including an analysis of the effectiveness of the system in various fields of medicine.