Influence of some psychological and social factors on the course and results of treatment of oncological patients



A brief history of psycho-oncology and area of psycho-oncology among other treatment options throughout the whole period of «natural history» of cancer are presented. Significant negative effect of cancer on the personality characteristics are well known, but the characteristics of the disease in patients based on their individual features practically have not been studied. In recent years was announced the hypothesis about the existence of psychogenic cancer, which occurs in conditions of chronic psycho-emotional stress. Particular interest is attracted to the study of the characteristics of the rate of tumor progression and long-term results of cancer patients treatment depending on the level of education. The education level represents a convenient and universal indicator for the characteristics of all factors of socio-economic sphere, affecting the patient, and also largely characterizes his emotional and mental state. In Russia, in terms of national health care, have not been conducted any large studies. Understanding mechanisms of tumor progression is a reserve for improvement of treatment results and opens new directions in the search of means and methods of struggle with cancer.