Fundamental oncology in 2015: a review of the most interesting discoveries


In this paper were analyzed the results of the most interesting studies published in the medical community in 2015, and dedicated to issues of fundamental oncology. Was considered the progress of anticancer immunotherapy, in particular the role of Bifidobacterium, colony-stimulating factors and microsatellite instability of certain tumors for the formation of anti-tumor immune response. Were discussed modern possibilities of early diagnosis of acquired resistance of tumors to targeted therapy using analysis of tumor DNA, circulating in the blood. Also were discussed new experimental data concerning the assessment of tumors drug susceptibility in situ by topical injection of anticancer drugs into the tumor tissue. Were analyzed the results of modern research concerning the effectiveness of hormone therapy of tumors, as well as new data on the antitumor effect of vitamin C against KRAS-mutated cancers and other relevant topics of fundamental oncology.