According to our clinic for the year 2017, more than 1200 reconstructions have been performed. Every year, the requirements to the quality of life of patients, in particular, to the aesthetic results of treatment, are raised. The active introduction of the methods of reconstructive and plastic surgery into oncological practice makes it possible to solve the task posed. One of the most common methods in our practice is the use of TDL in combination with the implant. In all cases, when it is necessary to conduct radiation therapy, we preferred two-stage methods. When choosing a method of delayed reconstruction, one should take into account the patient’s history of radiation therapy. In most cases, this causes a
marked fibrosis of the tissues in the region of the removed breast, which leads to problems in its expansion. The choice of the method of reconstruction is strictly individual, depending on the stage of the underlying disease, the patient’s constitution, the condition and the number of tissues on the contralateral side, the presence of an excess of tissues in potential donor zones, the wishes of the patient herself. The most stable result with the optimal texture of tissues can be obtained by using
skin-fat flaps, which is their undisputed advantage over synthetic materials.