Debulking surgery in oncogynecology



The authors determine feasibility of cytoreductive surgery for women with gynecological cancer. The article analyzes world statistical data and data of personal surveys.

For ovarian cancer benefits of complete cytoreductive surgery were shown regardless of order in complex treatment. Question about lymph node dissection is still opened. The article shows that performing lymphadenectomy during interval cytoreduction and in case of suboptimal surgery does not improve prognosis in overall survival.

For endometrial cancer importance of debulking surgery was assessed for primary treatment and for relapse. Progression free survival increased only in case of complete cytoreduction but there aren’t significant benefits for long-term outcome.

For cervical cancer advantage of surgery was shown comparing with chemotherapy and radiotherapy what was confirmed by results of own surveys.

Cytoreductive surgery in gynecological cancer is feasible in complex treatment. Moreover, complete cytoreduction has significant benefits in survival for oncological patients.