The quarterly thematic journal Practical Oncology is a specialised medical scientific peer-reviewed periodical. Founded back in 2000, it was initially registered by the North-Western Regional Agency of the Russian Federation State Committee for Press (mass media registration certificate No. П 4235 dated 28.01.2000). It was later re-registered as a federal publication by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (certificate ПИ No. ФС 77-55020 dated 14.08.2013).

Practical Oncology is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes both scientific and practical research papers as well as the findings of PhD and higher doctorate theses in the field of medicine.

The journal publishes original research findings, specialised papers and lectures, clinical observations and literature reviews related to scientific and practical research concerned with fundamental, clinical and experimental oncology. It also covers issues connected with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases of various localisations.

The journal is a national Russian publication in Russian targeted at Russian-speaking readers. It also incorporates English translation of the main metadata of the published papers to give foreign readers an understanding of the content. The journal is distributed across the Russian Federation.

Every issue is dedicated to a particular topic which is explored through the lens of research papers included in the first section of the issue. The second section contains research papers with a general focus on oncology which do not necessarily correlate with the topic of the first section, claimed in the title.

The journal is aimed at oncology specialists, practising physicians, faculty members and students of healthcare universities.

A regular issue comes out once every three months according to the calendar-based schedule (four issues per year): March, June, September and December. Every new issue is released no later than the last day of each of these months. Every issue is assigned the volume number and the issue number as part of the volume.

Practical Oncology is on the List of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications Where the Main Findings of PhD (Candidate of Science) and Higher Doctorate (Doctor of Science) Theses Must Be Published, approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. It is also included in the metadatabase of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

A printed version of the journal is distributed among Russian oncologists on a subscription basis via the joint catalogue “Press of Russia” (subscription index 91871) and is also given out for free to participants of thematic conferences organised by the Russian School of Oncologists.

The archives of the full-text printed issues are stored at the publishing house Centr TOMM Ltd. as well as in the holdings of the Russian State Library (RSL) and Central State Library of the Russian Federation (CSL).

The full-text copy of the journal is available online for free at www.practical-oncology.ru. Since 2013, backup copies of the journal have been published as electronic applications for iOS- and Android-based mobile phones and tablet computers (with free access).

The journal is funded through printed advertisements and funds derived from paid subscriptions for printed versions. None of the funding sources affect journal policy or can anyhow influence the published content.

Our major goals are:

  • to promote oncology as a science aimed at saving lives and health of people with cancer;
  • to provide high-quality content by publishing the most up-to-date, accurate and cutting-edge research papers, studies and works related to oncology.
  • to create a favourable information environment suitable for the publication of the most seminal and interesting research papers.

We see the following as primary tactical objectives:

  • to encourage cooperation with acknowledged and promising budding researchers in order to generate new ideas facilitating the search for effective methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cancer;
  • to promote top-notch methods of fighting cancer among practising physicians;
  • to spur the use of international ethical practices which will enable compliance with standards related to selection, processing, systematisation and publication of scientific knowledge.

We look forward to cooperation with all concerned parties who have specific knowledge of and experience in fundamental and experimental medicine as well as the study of oncological science and practice.

The journal «Practical Oncology» is a member of the CrossRef Association.